Friday, May 22, 2009

Science paper

Today is my Science paper, it was started with objective paper first followed paper 2. Hmm, honestly i do very best but i think i'm not get a best result eventhough i study lately until 12.00 am. Hmm, paper 2 i target 40 something to get A. Insyallah. By the way, there's alot subject must read after this. Yeah!

- History
I target to get A's, why? because i really like about history and the teacher is the best to me. Seriously, if talk about history i really like it. Thus, I WANT TO SHOw that I'm proud to be Malaysian.

- Geograhpy
This subject also i like. Reason why? This subject is like about enviroment. So it's easy right? Yeah, I must study hard to get A's, the first test i get B, maybe alot of exercise i'll do after this.

- Agama
Hmm, NO COMMENT, I try my best to get 90%,

WORK HARDER! This subject i don't know how to explain it coz look easy but ACTUALLY give your damn at the back. Haha, if don't read it maybe not fail but WORST. GOSH I DON'T WANT IT.

- Seni visual
Yeah, for the first time and statement i'm done do it the folio. Haha, over 3 years this is the first i finished because of the teacher. The teacher is best from last last year. By the way, maybe i not target well kot

- Sivik
haha, En. Adman said "kls awak mungkin ada yang akan dapat 100% saya yakin punya, haha kerana soalan dia senang sangat. Sivik senang je", Yelah cikgu.

ZZZZZ, cikgu said "bacalah dari kulit ke kulit", hmm the PROBLEM IS TAK ADA BUKU NAK DIBACA.

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